In what I’m hoping to become a trend this year, I’m going to start what I’m hoping will end up being like my little (and possibly much larger) Revit version of Apple’s App Store. Yes, it’s just a single product right now, but I’m hoping to add more through out the year. So what’s new about this? Everyone is starting these little family store all over the internet. Well, first, they’re made by me, so you know they’re quality and built right. PLUS, they will al be $0.99.  Yup, every single family I post will be just $0.99.

What does this mean? Well, inexpensive (note, not cheap, just inexpensive!) families for sure, but you get what you buy also. So no, you don’t get free upgrades if I revisit the family down the road. You’ll probably get limited product support if any since I make them as easy to use as possible. However, you will have a new, easier-for-BIM-Manager-to-swallow-on-budget resource for downloading families! Hope you enjoy, and I’ll gladly take requests.

The EKBY TRYGGVE Wall Shelf is a low cost option of the EKBY storage system by IKEA. Family options include:

  • Version: Revit 2011
  • Wall Hosted
  • Parameters:
    • Instanced Length Parameter
    • Optional Center bar (see manufacturer default lengths)
    • 7″ or 11″ depth types.

IKEA Product website:

Family renders with default Revit 2011 Materials Library.