This was an interesting question brought to me often from all sides of the firm; administrative, marketing, project management, specs, etc. “Can Revit bring a PDF into the project?” Now, there’s probably two reasons you are here reading this article right now. 1) You REALLY don’t want to use Autodesk’s native format, DWFx for some stupid reason. 2) You were too lazy to ask your consultant for an AutoCAD, or heaven forbid a Revit, file to coordinate from. Cause let’s face it, you didn’t REALLY think I was about to tell you how to bring a PDF file into Revit… did you?.. You did? I pity you.

Why is it that you would rather bring a PDF that is basically an encapsulation file of whatever format it’s actually in (ie: jpg, gif, txt, etc) instead of just bringing in the image, text or whatever it is? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked if PDFs can be brought in to Revit to find that the user was trying to import a PDF of a cad file!!!… !!!!!!! REALLY?! GET THE CAD FILE!!!