I want to start this post by getting straight to the point. Mike Caudle, I apologize for coming across as harsh in my response to your comment on the PDF post.  Was it intended to be serious? No. Was it meant to be satirical. Not so much. Sarcastic, definitely. Humorous, for sure.  The problem with digital media of course is that you can’t read facial expressions in text, and hearing sarcasm via printed word is like having a mechanic diagnose your engine over the phone; it just don’t happen. So for coming across in a manner as unintended as it was taken, I apologize Mike.



That being said, I also want to apologize to anyone else who has been offended by the “dramatic” posts that have been appearing lately. I made a decision to let my blog be my voice on what I feel is happening not only with the projects I am involved with but also with what I see happening in the industry. Fortunately, that means I’m going to be posting my opinion on several things. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to be posting my opinion on several things… see what I did there? I can’t ask everyone to enjoy or agree with my opinion, but I can request that it be discussed in an honest protocol; if I seem out of line with what I say in regards to how it works in real life, feel free to post something, start a discussion, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I AM WRONG!!! However, know that if you reply, there’s a good chance I’m going to respond. Most likely in a manner similar to your response


I certainly do not wish to lose readers just because my opinion is against a majority of my readers; even though I think if you’re more than a reader but also a watcher of the videos you already know I’m a fairly sarcastic SOB. However, I also feel that the things I have to say need to be said. They help other people know they’re not the only one out there thinking the same thing. They help people do their job better; and I know this for a fact. So I will continue doing so at the risk that I lose some of my readers.


Oh, and Mike: I know you said you’re not going to be reading any more, but the next TotD will be devoted to you, sir! (so if you know Mike, please let him know when it is published since he won’t know that it has been published.)


Till then…

.Carl Gibson