Revit TotD – 3.14.09 (Render Exposure)

Yeah, so my tip of the day turned into a tip of the week.¬† So sue me for false advertising (please don’t, I have enough problems as it is and very little for you to win in an actual lawsuit).¬† It just so happened that I decided to start tip of the day, 2 days before spring break started.¬† And… well… let’s just say that it was a much needed spring break.¬† Anyhow, onto the reason you’re here.

I tend to get my TotD ideas from questions asked from fellow reviteers and from things that make me laugh as I am working when I think of how many people have asked me how to do the seemingly mundane tasks in Revit.¬† Today I had a good friend of mine (@ghogsed) mention something about renders turning out to be too dark.¬† I mentioned the Adjust Exposure tool and realized that a lot of people ask about this so I’m guessing it’s often overlooked like a majority of the tools available to a Revit user.¬† So here we go!¬† The “Adjust Exposure” tool is available after Rendering your scene in Revit Architecture 2009.

Adjust Exposure Tool located int he Render Dialogue
Adjust Exposure Tool located int he Render Dialogue

You will most likely notice that interior renders often turn out too dark.  This is because our default friendly Autodesk setup was calibrated to exterior renders, and hopefully the sun is brighter than your interior lights.  Demonstrated in this video.

Hope this helps someone!¬† Please feel free to leave me feedback!¬† Have a great St. Patty’s day!