Hello again!¬† Today’s TotD is a nice short one.¬† It’s a good one that a lot of people don’t know about till they get tired of copying things from one project to another.¬† Good news; There is a very simple way to do it!!!

Here is a short little video (NOW WITH NARRATION!!!) that explains how to go about doing this.

It’s a very simple process.¬† Have both the project you want to transfer to and the project you want to transfer from open in the same instance of Revit.¬† If the project you want to transfer from is linked into the project you want to transfer to, this will also work (but you can not transfer from the host project into a project that is linked into the host).¬† Go to File > Transfer Project Standards

Hit OK then you’re good to go.¬† You may get a dialogue that asks you if you want to overwrite something.¬† Basically, you need to know if the things you are transferring are named the same or different from what you already have in your current project.¬† If they are named differently, then choose New Only. Otherwise hit overwrite and pray you didn’t just wipe out something you needed.

Hope this helps and I hope you come back for another Tip of the Day!