Live Session – Family Series #4 | Modeling Overview and Family Phasing

The next installment of the Family creation series will begin in about an hour. Head over to RFO for the link around 12:15pm CDT.

So we got through the SD phase of the family phasing and went off on a lot of Ref planes and work plane discussion last session. This time I will finish up the family phasing concepts and how to gradually get more information into your families as the project progresses instead of designing them 100% up front and then having to change them all in the DD phase!

This session will overview the remainder of the modeling tools in the Family Editor, developing families alongside your project and begin delving in to Shared Parameters.

Who: US and THEM
What: Family Phasing, Sweep Tool and Shared Parameters
When: May 10th, 12:30pm CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME!
Where: Anymeeting, link posted 15 minutes prior
Why: You need to learn this shtuff!