Changes Abound

I have to say that when I get a chance to update RevitTotD it’s really a lot of fun. The technology has kinda been a diversion in my professional advancement. I didn’t go to school for a degree in Revit. I didn’t make a long term plan in high school to be a career 3D janitor. To help aid these reflections of the past decade of my career The site will be undergoing a few changes in the near future. Namely a domain change (which, was under way well before Autodesk went psycho with their domain name hunting) as well as a new look and direction of the site. I plan on continuing to post about Revit issues that I come across or questions that I think would be helpful to have answered, so don’t sweat that. I will also still own the domain and have it forward to the new domain for at least 6 months before relinquishing it into domain purgatory.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit and eagerly hit the refresh button waiting that next post which never happens. With the new direction of the site I do plan on posting more frequently about design related topics.

Here’s to an increasingly bright future.