OK, so by now, if you’re an architect, you’re probably saying “Will you please stop calling it a curtain wall?!?”  No, I will not.  Not because I don’t know that it’s not technically a curtain wall, but because unfortunately curtain wall is what Autodesk decided to call it.  So just know, when I say curtain wall in these tips, I’m not creating a curtain wall necessarily, but instead just using the curtain wall tool!

“That’s great and all, but i still can’t figure out how to put a door in this blasted ‘Curtain Wall!!'”  Oh really now?  Well you’re in luck because that is today’s TotD topic!  Building from yesterday’s tip on fundamental curtain panel blocks, we will go through curtain panel doors today!

Placing Doors in Curtain Walls:

  1. With your curtain wall already in place, select the panel you wish to replace with a door panel.
  2. Change the panel type from the type selector.
  3. Use the grid lines to change the dimensions, noting that the dimensions are from GRID LINE to GRID LINE, not from inside of Mullion to inside of Mullion. IE: if you want a 3′ wide door, and your mullions have a 2″ vis line, you want the grids to be 3′-2″ apart.
  4. You can tag Panel doors just like normal hosted doors, but you will need to create a tag family for panels that looks like your standard door tag.
  5. Using the space bar, you can rotate and change the swing of the door like a normal door.

As usual, I hope this gets you started on the long road that is curtain wall panel doors in Revit.  hope to see you tomorrow as we conclude this little mini series on curtain walls!