Another simple, quick yet useful tip today!  A while back we mentioned Sketchup in our Topo tip, today I’m going to show you how to assign a material to that topo (or any object really) that you bring in to Revit from Sketchup.

Assigning Materials to Sketchup Imports:

  1. In the Material library (Manage > Materials) look for a list of “Render Material ###-###-###
  2. Select the different materials until you find one that matches the Shaded color appearance.
  3. Change the shaded color to verify you have the correct material.
  4. Once you know it is the correct material, rename the material and change any property you wish!

Overriding Line Edge Properties:

  1. Select the SKP object in the model (you may need a view other than Floor Plan to see what you want to see).
  2. Select Query in the Ribbon Options
  3. Select the object in the model to get a property dialog showing you the following information:
  4. Open the Visibility Graphics dialog (type ‘VG‘) and find the Layer/Subcategory that the object you queried resides on.  It will be under the Imported Objects tab.
  5. Change the line settings!


Well, hope that didn’t hurt too bad!  Note that while there are better methods to use on imports from 3DS and DWG, this method will still work for almost all imported 3D objects with materials!  Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope to see you again, for another Revit TotD!