Linked Model Multitasker

Ever found yourself working on a model with models linked in and you need to make some modifications to the linked model?  You go to open the linked model and you get that annoying message that tells you the model is open already and will be unloaded from the other model if you continue.  This is the point at which new revit users mumble under their breath “This wouldn’t be a problem if we were using AutoCAD.”

Fear not, here’s a simple little tip that should ease the burden of making quick changes to linked models.


You sure you won’t be mad when you see the simplicity of this little tip?

OK, here goes:  Open another instance of revit, load the revit model that you want to make the change to… wait… waaait… and there you go!  You now have both models open at the same time without unloading one model from the other in order to work on it.  Now to update changes, you simply need to save the model, then reload it in the other model through the Manage Links tool.

Happy Reviteering!

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