Here’s a quick one to throw up at the end of the day. A quick way to navigate around 3d views if you like using the View Cube.

By clicking on the View Cube, we get a nice little animation with a built in zoom extents that orients the view to the corresponding side of the model that was clicked ont he View Cube (ie: click Front, zoom extents to the front, Left, zoom extents left, etc, etc).

However, the real tip here is that the View Cube click, by default… we’ll get to this later, also acts like the selection group orbit anchor that happens when you have objects selected in other views. So if you select an object or group of objects before clicking on the View Cube then the view will snap to the extents of the selection group. Pretty neat huh?

What’s that? You don’t like this feature? Well, the factory knew there would be a few of you. You can easily turn this zoom extents off along with a few other View Cube features by right clicking the View Cube and going into the Options dialog.

Well, that was a nice easy way to finish the day off. Hope you found it useful and I look forward to seeing you next time for another Revit TotD!