I know, I haven’t posted in a while. Joanna and I are still trying to get settled in to our new place and I still don’t have my laptop back (story later!). In the mean time I thought I would post this conversation I just had over at RevitCity.com. This is the result of trying to explain to someone why it is that UIState.dat HAS to reside on his computer if Revit is up and running

# rkitect : ma3n
# rkitect : everytime you open revit
# rkitect : it says “Hey, UIState.dat. Are you there?”
# rkitect : if UIState.dat doesn’t respond revit says:
# rkitect : “Oh, ok.. well I don’t want you to muss this awesome party so I’m going to teleport a new you here.”
# rkitect : on the other hand if UIState.dat says “Yo Revit, I’m right here, what you want?”
# ** at 12:55 pm Whitcher left the room…
# rkitect : then Revit says “Hey buddy, can’t start the party without you!”
# rkitect : Either way.. if revit is running, then UIState.dat is a file on your computer
# rkitect : revit can’t run without it

…yeah… he still wasn’t convinced 🙁