Revit Tip of the Day, affectionately called TotD, was a spawn from the on the fly tutorial videos that Carl Gibson was providing to users on the RevitCity.com web site.  He would create short tutorial videos to demonstrate to people how to complete tasks in Revit since it was easier and more efficient than explaining how to do something in chat.  This turned into the TotDs through Carl’s passions both for Revit and helping other people.

Today, Carl works as a BIM expert with Cyntergy AEC continuing to provide help through his services on RevitTotd.com and his consulting business.  He holds both Revit Professional and Associates Certifications and teaches Revit related classes on Will2Play.com.

What the future holds for RevitTotD.com is yet to be determined. A goal for it to evolve into more design related issues looms in the air.


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