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Protip: Use shift more…

Protip: Tabbing through elements too fast and miss it? Hit shift+tab to go back one or two.

Shift Tab

Not so Perfect Ending…

This is not what you want to see after waiting 15 minutes for a model regeneration after reloading a family: 


Rule of Thin Lines

If you’re in a view that goes on a sheet and you need to turn Thin Lines on… then most likely you’re not in the proper view to do that work in.

Changes Abound

I have to say that when I get a chance to update RevitTotD it’s really a lot of fun. The technology has kinda been a diversion in my professional advancement. I didn’t go to school for a degree in Revit. I didn’t make a long term plan in high school to be a career 3D janitor. To help aid these reflections of the past decade of my career The site will be undergoing a few changes in the near future. Namely a domain change (which, was under way well before Autodesk went psycho with their domain name hunting) as well as a new look and direction of the site. I plan on continuing to post about Revit issues that I come across or questions that I think would be helpful to have answered, so don’t sweat that. I will also still own the RevitTotD.com domain and have it forward to the new domain for at least 6 months before relinquishing it into domain purgatory.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit and eagerly hit the refresh button waiting that next post which never happens. With the new direction of the site I do plan on posting more frequently about design related topics.

Here’s to an increasingly bright future.


Coordination: AutoCAD v Revit

This is how you handle coordination in AutoCAD:

“I see structural members in our RCP where I’m trying to put lights…”
“OK, just delete those lines”

This is how you handle coordination in Revit:

“I see structural members in our RCP where I’m trying to put lights…”
“If you see it in RCP, then it’s below our ceilings and we need to coordinate it with structural.”

PDF Rant

I wish people would realize that if you’re working on a revit project, if you do markups in DWF instead of PDF, you can ACTUALLY OVERLAY THEM IN REVIT!!!!

Live Session – Family Series #4 | Modeling Overview and Family Phasing

The next installment of the Family creation series will begin in about an hour. Head over to RFO for the link around 12:15pm CDT.

So we got through the SD phase of the family phasing and went off on a lot of Ref planes and work plane discussion last session. This time I will finish up the family phasing concepts and how to gradually get more information into your families as the project progresses instead of designing them 100% up front and then having to change them all in the DD phase!

This session will overview the remainder of the modeling tools in the Family Editor, developing families alongside your project and begin delving in to Shared Parameters.

Who: US and THEM
What: Family Phasing, Sweep Tool and Shared Parameters
When: May 10th, 12:30pm CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME!
Where: Anymeeting, link posted 15 minutes prior
Why: You need to learn this shtuff!


Live Session – Family Series #3 | LoD, Ref Planes and Extrusion (OH MY!)

Here is the link to the thread that will have the archived recording as well as the link to the live session once the session is started. Keep this up and look for the link if you are interested in listening in live. The session will be today, 12:30pm Central Daylight Time.


Revit 2013 – New Features Tour

So the time has finally come! The NDA has been lifted and the features are flying… well at least from those of us who actually waited for the NDA to be lifted. Here today I’d like to “briefly” list some of the new features in Revit 2013 and then spend the next weeks days going over some of the more exciting ones!


  • Administrative
    • Push Revit.ini updates to multiple users
  • Production
  • Interoperability
    • DGN V8 export added
    • DGN export dialog updated
    • Levels, Lines, Line Weights, Patterns, Texts and Fonts now mappable in the DGN export
    • DGN export configurations now save to the project file and are now transferable project standards
    • Import DGN design models
    • DWF now exports phasing info
    • Manual naming of multiple views/sheets now available in DWF export
    • Views and Sheets now displayed alphabetically in export dialogs
    • Revit text elements now assigned to text style in DWG exports
    • Unreferenced Error fixed for images exported from Revit to DWG
    • Hatch pattern scale fixed for DWG exports
    • Transparency in Revit now exported as Object Property in DWG exports
    • Ability to hide Scope Boxes, Unreferenced Views and Reference Planes now an option in DWG exports
    • DWG export of 3D solids now a Revit.ini switch
    • “Correct Slightly Off Axis Lines” added to DWG import options
    • “Center to Center” positioning now uses center to center of the view on the X-Y plane
    • Shared Coordinates now kept when importing DWGs
    • IFC… let’s just say they improved it quite a bit!
  • UI & Rendering
    • Ribbon and Command naming more consistent across all platforms
    • Command name alignment more consistent
    • Commands in different verticals have icons which better reflect that discipline’s use of the command
    • Ghost Surfaces and Transparent Override replaced by Surface Transparency Sliders
    • WARP replaces OpenGL to allow Hardware Acceleration on all computer builds!!!
    • Anti-Aliasing available in ALL views now with improved results and performance
    • RPCs now visible in Realistic Visual Style
    • Sky, Image or Background options now available in Elevation, Section, Isometric and Perspective 3D views
    • Artificial Lights now glow in Realistic Visual Style along with Photographic Exposure option
    • Ray Trace Visual Style mode added to view styles
  • Revit
    • Save and Load selections available in all platforms
    • More filter control in the Visibility Graphics dialog categories lists
    • Project Template library support added in File Locations
    • View Templates now lockable to views as well as automatic updating of a view once a view template is assigned to a view
    • View Template parameter now schedulable
    • View Types are now manageable for nearly all types of views via type duplication and view lists
    • Plumbing is now an option in the Discipline parameter for views
    • Set default view discipline on creation of new views
    • RCP underlay orientation now defaults to “Reflect Ceiling Plan” instead of “Plan”
    • Color Schemes now configurable in view templates
    • “Workset Global Visibility Settings” is now a Project Standards workset that is editable and able to be checked-out
  • Arch
  • Struct
  • MEP
    • Site tools added
  • Revit (One Box)
    • Access to tools and functionality of all Revit verticals
    • Setting discipline during install will customize UI for that discipline
  • Construction Modeling
    • Merge parts into a single part
    • Exclude parts to prevent scheduling and from showing up in views
    • Restore parts brings excluded parts back into a part
    • All faces of parts are now available for shape editing. Resettable
    • Divide parts with parametric gaps
    • Divide parts with custom profiles. New Category “Division Profiles”
    • Parts inherit parameter values from their parent source
    • Parts now Import/Export from/to IFC
    • Assembly view creation has expanded dialog options
    • Assembly view creation dialog remembers last settings per project and per user
    • Assembly views can now be placed on normal sheets. Normal views can now be placed on Assembly sheets
    • Assembly views allow rotation on sheet
    • Assembly Views transferable to other Assemblies
    • Assemblies now have Assembly Origins
    • Assembly types
    • Assembly export to IFC
  • Materials
    • Entire materials system concept reworked
    • New materials interface.. completely new, not even remotely related to old interface
    • New Structural data for materials
    • New Thermal data for materials
    • Savable Material Libraries

Can we keep it ma?

Look what I just found laying around the interwebs! Look what I just found is live!

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