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Revit Interface Class outline

So I’m teaching a quick class on the Revit Interface in my office and I thought I would post the class outline in case anyone wanted a reference guide or something to use as a start for a similar training class at their office. Enjoy and feel free to comment! If you use it, please do the nice thing and at least give me credit 🙂

LnL Series_Interface01_11.2.2011

Embedded DWF Test

Just to have some fun 🙂

Edit: apparently this does not work in WordPress…
Editedit: but does outside of Wrodpress: (note: safari/webkit does not appear to work.)
Editeditedit: also does not work in chrome.. some multi platform tool THIS is turning out to be…



Rumor has it you have to click and hit spacebar/enter inside the ActiveX object to initiate it before anything works. Let me know!

#Revit – IRC Chat

OK, with many thanks to Mr. Qabulin we are able to chat once again.  You can use either your own IRC client such as mIRC, Colloquy (for you mac users) or MirandaIM to access the chat.  Or you can still use Mibbit just like before.  The new address is as follows:

Port: 6669

There is also now a webchat interface available at:

If you are using Mibbit and you think you will be using this often, I would suggest creating a free account.  This will save the server info and allow you to log in automagically just by logging in to mibbit.  Here is how you set it up the first time:

  1. Point your browser to .  Once the page appears you have two options.  Choose the one on the left to launch Web Chat.  Then you will see this screen.  Click “Serv”
  2. No enter the server info, which in this case is
  3. Enter a nick name.
  4. Click Go

You may be prompted to enter a new nick name if someone else is already using that nick name.  The server will automatically place you in a chat room called “#TheLounge”.  Anything goes here really, including Revit talk.  However if you feel that you need less banter and more Revit, there is always the /join #Revit command that will take you to the #Revit chat room where only Revit talk is allowed.

I can’t guarantee that live, hot, local girls are ready to talk, but I can guarantee some quick answers to your most difficult Revit questions.  Hope to see you there soon!


Revit Videos.. enjoy!

I’m keeping a repository of all the help videos I make for the kind folks in the chatroom. You can find them at:


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