Category: Lessons Learned

  • Never again…

    When it comes to Revit, theories on workflow and implementation change on what seems to be a weekly and sometimes daily basis depending how deep into the rabbit hole you are. One such implementation strategy that I’ve long held to is teach the people how to detail first. This covers all flavors of sin in Revit including […]

  • Leaving it all on the Field

    One of the goals I have for this blog is to gear it more towards general Architectural Design related conversation.  I have a passion for design, which is why I use Revit :P.  Another passion of mine is sports, not following them… no I don’t typically follow, I participate.  Recently I’ve found myself able to […]

  • Double Standards

    I’ve run across a lot of nasty and usually false remarks about the abilities and downfalls of Revit and those of us that use Revit. Usually these remarks are made by AutoCAD diehards that can’t, or don’t want to, understand how to use Revit. What gets me is how they hold such a high level […]

  • Bòrked Wall Profiles

    I have noticed in a lot of projects I end up cleaning, that people tend to misuse wall profiles. What I end up running across most commonly is a wall that may have needed to be profiled at one point, but is no longer profiled, or a wall that has had the profile sketch moved […]

  • Linked Model Multitasker

    Ever found yourself working on a model with models linked in and you need to make some modifications to the linked model?  You go to open the linked model and you get that annoying message that tells you the model is open already and will be unloaded from the other model if you continue.  This […]