New Product!

New Product(s)! – Family Request and Jelly Jar Light!

A goody for you today, although I feel like I’m going to busy in the near future because of this one. I have 2 great new products for you to look at.

The first is a fun little light component. The Jelly Jar Light is a fun ceiling hosted light.

The second has me only slightly concerned. A Family Request product which allows you to submit your family requests.

I also want to take a second to invite anyone who has purchased a product in the past to please send me an email. I was just informed today that some purchases have not been going through as I had hoped. If you had an issue downloading a product after purchase, please send me a copy of your receipt and we can get it straightened out. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope to get it straightened out soon!


New Product! – Rounded Corner Bead

Quick and dirty little family I whipped up for a RevitCity user. It’s a reveal that can be used to round off those wall corners. See more info here.

New Product! – Screened Doors

Well, much more than just screened doors. These girls are sporting the works! Screened, Arched, Shutters… well just read this description!

Single Panel door with (2) screen panels (renders as mesh material). Arched blocking for shutter closure matches arch of shutters (which have matching paneling). This family contains a LOT of great features including:

  • Version: Revit 2011
  • Wall Hosted
  • Individual Model and Plan swing angle parameters with equal switch
  • Flexible shutter placement
  • Flexible Arch Apex height
  • Flexible Door frame location within wall
  • Flexible framing depth and thickness
  • All materials set with subcategories, assigned to geometries within family
  • Contains 4 families: Package, Shutter, Door Panel, Door Swing Family

I mean, how could you NOT want this for just $0.99?! Comes in Single and Double varieties for your project needs!

Single Door:

Double Door:



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