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StairPorn.Revit – 7.5.09: Terrace Stairs by Suppose Design Office

Before I even got a chance to get my last StairPorn.Revit entry rendered (so many problems! but I’m also experimenting with render settings 🙂 ) I’ve completed another entry!  This stair comes to us from the Suppose Design Office in Japan.  The portion of the vertical circulation element that I modeled really emphasizes the whole idea of terracing.  Notice that the landing is split and steps up, becoming another riser in itself.



Anyone else see the difference in the shaded view and the render?… I have no clue what happened there…

There were a few challenges that I had (and have yet) to overcome.  For starters, I can’t do a normal landing here.  Notice in the images that I can not have any stringer between the landings.  This meant I had to separate the stairs into 2 separate objects.  Then I had to make the stringers at the bottom run straight into the floor instead of being cut off.  There are a couple ways to do this, but I found that just beginning with a riser and then lowering the riser into the floor worked well.  The upper half of the stairs had to be a different stair type that the bottom stairs to get the landing to work with the stringers.  Then there was the rail… I don’t even want to go there because we all know that aside from site tools, the railing tool lacks quite a bit.

Anyhow, despite that, here it is!  The Terrace stair by Suppose Design Office.

StairPorn.Revit – 7.31.09: Floating Stairs by Ong&Ong

This stair by Ong & Ong in the Blair Road Residence is the one that really caught my eye when I first visited, so naturally I had to attempt it early in the series.  It was quite a challenge!  The treads and risers were quite simple, but the supports didn’t work quite the way I had hoped.  I couldn’t use the Railing tool like I had hoped because of it’s lack to use a Top host when you are using the “Post Per Tread” feature.

So instead I ended up using a Generic Model Component for the support threads and simple made the length what it needed to be by hand.  I think this stair is beautiful beyond belief and was very happy with the results!



StairPorn.Revit – 7.29.09: Hangover by Complett

So I was turned on (no pun intended) to this site ( couple weeks ago and I am taking upon myself to start making some Revit versions of these stairs.  A challenge, I like!

To start things off, I went with the Hangover Stair by Complett



I think it’s a good start!

Like these stairs?  Want to use them in your project?  Download them here!

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