Category: Tip of the Day

  • Revit TotD – 7.3.2018 | Masking Regions in 3D Families

    Sometimes… sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and we HAVE to draw 2D elements for reasons. Just reasons. When that happens you still want to care about graphical information and drawings looking correct. Having a Chair look like it’s in the same plane as a table just… well that ain’t right.   So this video […]

  • RevitTotD – 7.6.2015 | Delete all Revisions

    “Hey, we decided we don’t need any revisions for the next issue.” Sure no problem.   Except your project has 1,381 Revisions in it, across 140 sheets… … and they’re all hidden… … and as everyone knows, you can’t delete that last revision from Revit.   ENTER DYNAMO! You can download the graph here (Dynamo […]

  • [2015] Using Fence to Change Target

    Here is a quick tip to help you stay in that command while being able to switch targets. See below the break for more specifics on what this tip covers. While in a multi-part command like Join with the Multiple Join option checked, you can switch targets of the join by dragging a selection area […]

  • The Value of Certification

    Autodesk places a lot of emphasis on using Certified Hardware with Certified Drivers to aid in their quality assurance efforts. I’ve found however that I tend to lose more work when working with Certified Hardware run by Certified Drivers than on non-certified hardware with non-certified drivers. I made a graph to illustrate my personal experience: […]

  • Revit Hating

    Ever had one of those things that you always kinda knew, but didn’t REALLY know until you looked at it from outside your box (I thank Bruce Mason, my middle school Target teacher for the ability to do this)? So today I was thinking about all the hate that Revit gets, even from me; especially […]

  • Worksharing: Rule #1

    When working in a workshare Revit project, there is only one rule when playing the workshare blame game: He who smelt it, dealt it!

  • Protip: Use shift more…

    Protip: Tabbing through elements too fast and miss it? Hit shift+tab to go back one or two.

  • Not so Perfect Ending…

    This is not what you want to see after waiting 15 minutes for a model regeneration after reloading a family: 

  • Rule of Thin Lines

    If you’re in a view that goes on a sheet and you need to turn Thin Lines on… then most likely you’re not in the proper view to do that work in.

  • Changes Abound

    I have to say that when I get a chance to update RevitTotD it’s really a lot of fun. The technology has kinda been a diversion in my professional advancement. I didn’t go to school for a degree in Revit. I didn’t make a long term plan in high school to be a career 3D […]