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  • PDF Rant

    I wish people would realize that if you’re working on a revit project, if you do markups in DWF instead of PDF, you can ACTUALLY OVERLAY THEM IN REVIT!!!!

  • Live Session – Family Series #4 | Modeling Overview and Family Phasing

    The next installment of the Family creation series will begin in about an hour. Head over to RFO for the link around 12:15pm CDT. So we got through the SD phase of the family phasing and went off on a lot of Ref planes and work plane discussion last session. This time I will finish […]

  • Live Session – Family Series #3 | LoD, Ref Planes and Extrusion (OH MY!)

    Here is the link to the thread that will have the archived recording as well as the link to the live session once the session is started. Keep this up and look for the link if you are interested in listening in live. The session will be today, 12:30pm Central Daylight Time.

  • Revit 2013 – New Features Tour

    So the time has finally come! The NDA has been lifted and the features are flying… well at least from those of us who actually waited for the NDA to be lifted. Here today I’d like to “briefly” list some of the new features in Revit 2013 and then spend the next weeks days going […]

  • Can we keep it ma?

    Look what I just found laying around the interwebs! Look what I just found is live!

  • Revit TotD – 3.21.2012 | Family Creation Series – Family Planning

    So here’s the next installment in the Family Creation series. This is the continuation of our talk about planning out the families and getting everything ready before you go into the family editor. I talk about a strategy that I’m developing which I feel works pretty well, and involves separating out the Content, Structure and […]

  • Revit TotD – 2.29.2011 | Family Creation take… 2.1?

    I’ve decided to move forward with the Family Creation series in tandem with a series of Live Sessions I’ll be hosting over at  So I’ll be posting links to the Live Session posts when they are available as well as a link to the Recorded sessions for all to watch.   For those of […]

  • Live Interview…

    I’ll be doing a preliminary interview for anyone interested in my consulting services this afternoon. It will be in the form of a live webinar. Find more information here:

  • Business Call

    So I figured I should actually post what is going on and why you haven’t seen a post. It seems that every time I get back to going in a good pattern for posting something stupid happens. Well this time I’m officially looking for clients. If you are looking for a Revit professional, implementation specialist […]

  • The Whipping Boy: Starring Revit

    Sad but true that a bunch of professionals can justify standing around a desk for hours blaming a piece of software they barely understand for all their project issues. I know that Revit is still the new kid on the industry block, but seriously folk; I think there have been enough successful Revit projects by […]