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  • Revit TotD – 12.2.2010 | Ctrl your Ribbons!

    So I really did have a real tip planned for today!  Really and truly I did!  Alas, this was foiled by the Apple store calling and informing me that the new display for my laptop was ready.  Don’t worry, all is ok with the laptop, I just like abusing my AppleCare plan as much as […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.19.2010 | Oooo Shiny….

    Yeah, between being sick.. again… packing and, well… being sick, I haven’t quite been able to put together a good string of TotDs this week so instead… HEY! What’s that over yonder?!!?! *points* *click for enlarged goodness!* 100% Revit rendering awesomeness…. minus the RPC plants :/ More tips next week, till then, thanks for stopping […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.17.2010 | SPF100 Minimum

    Hopefully you spent all weekend playing around with those surfaces and components and patterns cause today we’re going to dive into some of the features behind each of those, beginning with Divided Surfaces! So as you saw from our last TotD, divided surfaces is the first step to take in turning your mass into something really fun […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.12.2010 | Divide and Conquer

    Wasn’t that a nice break?!  Now back to what we were talking about… what were we talking about?  Oh yea, CDE!  So we’ve had a quick run down of creating masses in CDE and also of cutting holes in them.  You know how to adjust the forms using reference lines and points.  You can join, […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.10.2010 | Mis-Right-Click

    So a small break from the Massing series just for today.  I need a quick post so I can concentrate on some other errands and I ran across a fix for one of my greatest foes in Revit for quite some time: the dreaded MISSED RIGHT CLICK!!! So if you’ve worked on complex wall projects […]

  • I didn’t want to leave anything out…

    In solving the ultimate riddle of residential architecture, I’m being very thorough in my thought process…

  • Revit TotD – 11.8.2010 | Piecing it all Together

    Today’s tip is going to borderline a Revit tip and a general modeling tip. I wanted to round off the form and void massing portion of this series by making sure we know how to actually use these tools! So today I’m going to go over a process that is used by… well probably every […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.5.2010 | MOAR VOIDS!!!

    I can’t believe that last video took the entire 5 minutes to show you how to cut a solid!  It’s so much easier with a gas powered chainsaw… >_>  Anyhow, let’s continue our study of voids.  This is a new little tool available in 2011 that allows you to cut holes in solids using *gasp* […]

  • Oh yes I did…

    Take that Sir Isaac Newton… if you can model it in Revit, you can build it… right?

  • Revit TotD – 11.3.2010 | What gets bigger the Moar you take away from it?

    No, this is not a post about James Bond… So you’ve experimented around with creating forms and can even *gasp* control them unlike you ever thought was possible in Revit.  This thing you have created is starting to look like something you would have used 3DS or Maya to mak ein the past; but now here you are in […]