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New Product! – Rounded Corner Bead

Quick and dirty little family I whipped up for a RevitCity user. It’s a reveal that can be used to round off those wall corners. See more info here.

Tour de Cure +

Reviters! I know you have all been waiting for a real reason to donate to me or purchase items from my store. Well now is your chance to not only have a piece of Revit history by owning your own family, but also to donate to a great cause.

Starting now and ending May 1st, all donations and proceeds from the store will go towards the Tour de Cure ride that I am participating in. The ride helps generate funds for researchers to help make the lives of diabetic Americans much easier. Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible as a charity donation and you will have your name placed on my Donator Roll on my tour page. All purchases of $5 or more (i know that’s hard to do since i only have $4 of families up there right now) will be tax deductible as a charity donation as well. All purchases below $5 will be donated as a lump sum on May 2nd to the charity.

As a bonus, I am setting up a little contest. It’s a donation contest and here are the prizes:

  • First place is the person/company that donates the most total amount under the same name. You will receive a free Revit Rendering!
  • Second place will receive a free custom Revit family of your choice!

Yeah, how’s about them stakes 🙂 Donations can be made through my donate now button or through the direct donate link below, but THEY MUST BE MADE UNDER THE SAME INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANIZATION NAME! Otherwise I have no way of knowing what the total donations are.

The ride is June 4th in Buffalo, New York. Any and all Reviters in the area around that time is more than welcome to come out and support us and meet us afterwards. Here is some information on the Tour de Cure organization. I am participating in the 63 mile ride and training is well under way!

If you feel like you want to support the cause but would feel better directly donating directly to the cause you can do so here.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing your support roll in! 😀


New Product! – Screened Windows with Shutters.

OK, so I know you’ve just been dying to get a set of windows that go with those awesome doors I posted earlier. I also know that not having matching windows is the ONLY reason you havent bought the doors yet! Well, without further ado:

Single Panel Screened Window with Shutter

Double Panel Screened Window with Shutter

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

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