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RevitTotD – 4.7.2011 | 2012 – Ghosting and OTHER COOL SH__!

Last video for today. But this one covers a plethora of other cool features that are being unveiled in 2012 (hopefully you are downloading it as we speak!).



RevitTotD – 4.7.2011 | 2012 – Groups on Steroids

Yet another awesome new toy from the lab for 2012. Assemblies is kinda like groups… except it’s totally not groups. And much better. And useful. And thus far actually stable… well. just watch and see for yourself!

Sad but true; this feature should have been around a LONG time ago. Combine this with the view specific create parts and you have yourself an uber detail production machine. I can tell you this feature will be getting a LOT of use in our office.

RevitTotD – 4.7.2011 | REVIT 2012!!! Create Parts Demo

So it’s finally being downloaded by everyone on the face of planet BIM, which means I can officially, without legal issues, post these videos! ¬†The following are some videos demonstrating the new shininess the folks in the labs have given us this time around!

This is a really cool tool called Create Parts! Yes, that’s right, you can FINALLY create cutaway sections without some goofy workaround in Revit! Have fun tinkering!

btw: direct download link for Revit 2012 (courtesy of Whatrevitwants):



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