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  • Revit TotD – 2.7.2012 | Somewhere to Start Families 2.2

    Yes! I’m really going to start this back up. A post here, A post there. Maybe one in between. Either way, I’ll be trudging through this series as well as posting the occasional impromptu tutorial post. In the meantime, I’m going to just leave the text that I wrote over 9 months ago and just […]

  • New Product(s)! – Family Request and Jelly Jar Light!

    A goody for you today, although I feel like I’m going to busy in the near future because of this one. I have 2 great new products for you to look at. The first is a fun little light component. The Jelly Jar Light is a fun ceiling hosted light. The second has me only […]

  • Revit TotD – 1.25.10 | Profile Origins and Wall Openings

    So yeah, it’s been really busy around here, what with finally getting a new job, moving my family halfway across the country, settling in, making sure the new mom is doing good… well, I could go on with the excuses but the truth is I just missed you guys and gals!  So here I am, […]

  • Revit TotD – 7.23.09: Family Materials, Parameter Application

    So to wrap up this series on Family Material application, today I am going to show how to apply materials through a parameter in the family. Creating the Parameter: Types button on the Ribbon (it’s static, so you should be able to access it from any Ribbon) New under the Parameters section. Name the parameter, […]

  • Revit TotD – 7.22.09: Family Materials, Subcategories

    Yesterday I showed you how to directly apply materials to objects in your families and the reasons to do such a thing.  Today I’m going to do the same thing, except we’ll be talking about the Subcategory approach. Create the Subcategory: (In the family creator) Manage Ribbon > Settings > Object Styles New in the […]

  • Revit TotD – 7.21.09: Assigning Family Materials, the Direct Approach

    I often see people struggling with getting a component in a project to render with the material they want it to render with.  Usually upon inspecting the family that they are using I find that the materials are setup improperly, making it hard for the user to change materials to begin with (this does not […]

  • Revit TotD – 6.30.09: Room Tag Types “I don’t have that option!”

    As usual, this tip is the result of coming across another odd “I don’t have that option” when trying to help another fellow revitcity.com member.  When he asked about how to show the Volume and are information in his room tags, I simply remarked that he should choose the correct Room Tag type from the […]