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  • Revit TotD – 2.19.10 | Dimension Formulas

    Gonna finish up the week with a very easy tip, yet very powerful for those complicated designs that use all those mathematical formulas and what not… Hopefully, by this point, you know that you can simply enter a length to determine a wall or line length, or really anywhere you can input a dimension.  Simply […]

  • Revit TotD – 2.17.10 | Through the Linking Glass, part2

    What’s this?  I’m keeping my word?  Two tips in one week?!  Well, don’t let it fool you.  I cheated.  I wrote these 2 days ago 🙂  So let us continue on and wrap up this little lesson on linked model visibility. First I want to thank my Buddy Gerry Hogsed for letting me use his […]

  • Revit TotD – 2.15.10 | Through the Linking Glass, part1

    I’m slowly but surely trying to recover from moving and settling into a new job.  I’m having to force myself to sit down and make time for RevitTotD, but I’m glad I do it every time that I do!  This week, I’m going to have 3 tips… that’s all there is to it!  Baby steps, […]

  • Linked Model Multitasker

    Ever found yourself working on a model with models linked in and you need to make some modifications to the linked model?  You go to open the linked model and you get that annoying message that tells you the model is open already and will be unloaded from the other model if you continue.  This […]