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  • Revit TotD – 2.7.2012 | Somewhere to Start Families 2.2

    Yes! I’m really going to start this back up. A post here, A post there. Maybe one in between. Either way, I’ll be trudging through this series as well as posting the occasional impromptu tutorial post. In the meantime, I’m going to just leave the text that I wrote over 9 months ago and just […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.12.2010 | Divide and Conquer

    Wasn’t that a nice break?!  Now back to what we were talking about… what were we talking about?  Oh yea, CDE!  So we’ve had a quick run down of creating masses in CDE and also of cutting holes in them.  You know how to adjust the forms using reference lines and points.  You can join, […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.8.2010 | Piecing it all Together

    Today’s tip is going to borderline a Revit tip and a general modeling tip. I wanted to round off the form and void massing portion of this series by making sure we know how to actually use these tools! So today I’m going to go over a process that is used by… well probably every […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.5.2010 | MOAR VOIDS!!!

    I can’t believe that last video took the entire 5 minutes to show you how to cut a solid!  It’s so much easier with a gas powered chainsaw… >_>  Anyhow, let’s continue our study of voids.  This is a new little tool available in 2011 that allows you to cut holes in solids using *gasp* […]

  • Revit TotD – 11.1.2010 | Provide References

    So now that you have a little taste of how to create those basic modeling forms let’s look a little bit deeper into how those forms are made and can be manipulated.  Here we’ll look at the difference between model lines and reference lines in CDE and why you want to use one over the […]

  • Revit TotD – 10.29.2010 | Studio Project and Revit

    For quite some time I’ve been discussing with a friend and fellow designer (Gerry Hogsed) the possibility of starting a series specifically for College students (maybe even some High School students that want to do more than troll the RevitCity chat room).  With the number of questions being asked on the forum and in the […]

  • Revit TotD – 10.27.2010 | View Cube + Zoom Extents

    Here’s a quick one to throw up at the end of the day. A quick way to navigate around 3d views if you like using the View Cube. By clicking on the View Cube, we get a nice little animation with a built in zoom extents that orients the view to the corresponding side of […]

  • Revit TotD – 10.15.2010 | How you make them funny leaning walls?

    Keeping in the spirit of answering frequently asked questions in the RevitCity.com chat, I figured I’d field this one since it has only been asked… about a dozen times this week!  It’s apparent that the direction of design is just begging people to know how to make those funny leaning walls!  So here we are, […]

  • Revit TotD – 8.30.2010 | In-fill mash up

    Revit TotD – 8.30.2010 | In-fill mash up

    NOTICE: I just noticed that the entire video recorded with ZERO sound.  I will re record this video and re-upload it as soon as I can.  Until then, my sincerest apologies for making you guess what I’m talking about 🙂 An easy quick tip to start off the day.  Phasing can be a pain to even the […]

  • Revit TotD – 8.26.2010 | Plans like the REALLY Kewl kids Make!

    Alright!  Another 2 post week!  “Psha, whatever Carl, people out there make posts every day.  What’s the big deal?” Hush, I’m proud of myself 😛  Today is really going to be a follow-up of the last post on Section Perspectives.  This is a quick little technique to create Plan perspectives, which really can be used […]